Exploring Hakodate’s History and Culture by Bike


Hakodate is known for its beautiful scenery and charming cafes. By cycling to these cafes, you can simultaneously enjoy the natural beauty and the delights of gourmet cuisine. In this article, we will introduce a scenic cafe cycling tour in Hakodate.

  1. Starting Point: Motomachi Area Course Overview The tour starts in the Motomachi area, lined with historical buildings. This area has a charming exotic atmosphere and is perfect for leisurely cafe hopping.

Recommended Cafes

  • Jujiya Old Hakodate Ward Public Hall: Located within Motomachi Park, this cafe offers a relaxing time in a historical building. The terrace seating, where you can overlook the streets of Hakodate while enjoying delicious coffee, is highly recommended.
  • Cafe de Lip Drop: Located in Suehiro-cho, this cafe offers meticulously crafted sweets and coffee.
  1. Goryokaku Area Course Overview Next, head to the Goryokaku area. This is a popular tourist spot featuring a star-shaped fort, and you can enjoy cycling through the beautiful park.

Recommended Cafes

  • Goryokaku Tower Cafe Stand: The view from the observation deck of the tower is breathtaking, and it’s nice to take a break at the cafe inside the tower afterward.
  • Rosetta Cafe Company Marui Imai Hakodate Store: Enjoy a blissful moment while overlooking the Honcho intersection.
  1. Yunokawa Onsen Area Course Overview The Yunokawa Onsen area is about a 30-minute bike ride from Hakodate city. You can enjoy the atmosphere of the hot spring area while cycling along the coast with beautiful views.

Recommended Cafes

  • Coffee Cake Shop Misuzu Yunokawa: This cafe in the hot spring area is perfect for a break after exploring the onsen town.
  • Coffee Room Kikuchi: Known for its soft-serve ice cream, the mocha soft serve is recommended.
  • Endeavour Hakodate: A fusion of a bar and cafe, it is said that the illumination on Wednesdays is beautiful.

Points for Safe Enjoyment When enjoying cycling, please note the following points to stay safe:

  • Wear a helmet: Always wear one for safety.
  • Follow traffic rules: Use bicycle lanes and obey traffic rules.
  • Be considerate of your surroundings: Pay attention to pedestrians and other vehicles and drive safely.
  • Take breaks and stay hydrated: Remember to take regular breaks and stay hydrated.

Enjoy Hakodate’s beautiful scenery and gourmet food to the fullest with these cafe cycling courses. By exploring on a bicycle, you will surely find new discoveries and emotions. Have a fun cycling experience!


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