“Explore Iconic Anime Movie Spots by E-bike in Hakodate!”


Hello everyone!

We are excited to introduce a new adventure in Hakodate! Ride an E-bike and visit iconic spots from famous anime movies while rediscovering the charms of Hakodate.

You can check the details of this special tour at the following link: Book Here

Tour Highlights:

  1. Tour of Anime Movie Landmarks – Visit the iconic spots featured in famous anime movies set in Hakodate. This tour is a must for any anime fan.
  2. Comfortable Travel by E-bike – E-bikes make it easy to navigate hills and long distances. Enjoy an eco-friendly and healthy way to explore.
  3. Immerse in History and Culture – Experience the intersection of past and present as you visit historic buildings and sites.

This tour is perfect for families, friends, and couples. Whether you are visiting Hakodate for the first time or are a returning guest, you are sure to discover something new.

Booking is easy! Check the details and choose your preferred date from the link below. We promise you a special day.

Book Here

Take this opportunity to rediscover the charm of Hakodate and embark on a new adventure!

If you have any questions or need more details, please feel free to leave a comment. We look forward to your participation!

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